Commodity code: HCA-BM-003


Description: The front ABS sensor from NTY is a key component of the ABS system that monitors the rotational speed of the front wheels of the vehicle and enables effective operation of the anti-lock braking system during braking. Made from high-quality materials, the NTY ABS sensor ensures precise and reliable performance, enhancing safety and control while driving. With its precise design, it works seamlessly with other brake system components, providing quick response and optimal modulation of braking force on individual wheels.

Through meticulous production and rigorous quality testing, the NTY ABS sensor meets the highest industry standards, ensuring its reliability and durability. It offers a wide range of compatibility with various vehicle makes and models, making it a versatile solution for many vehicles on the road. By choosing the front ABS sensor from NTY, you can have confidence that the ABS system will operate smoothly, delivering effective braking and full vehicle control, especially in challenging road conditions.

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